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1stpic8.5 oz wine glasses 40 x 80 tent with 8 ball strand lighting 4x4 woodlook dancefloor A 72 inch table with chivari chairs Before the party.Segner Ranch Bistro light square ready for the partySegner Ranch Bride and Groom Segner Ranch centerpiece & room Close up of sash dance floor & room dance floor Garden Chair with sash Segner Ranch Hammered Chargers and Flatware Reception Set Up Segner Ranch Red Gingham picnic Pink Jeep (2) Red Gingham Picnic Pink Jeep Tours Red Gingham picnic Pink Jeep Red Gingham with Blue Metal dishes & lanterns Red Gingham with Blue Metal Dishes Pink Jeep Redrock backdrop Segner Ranch Segner Ranch. What a beautiful venue! shepherd hook with white garden chairs shepherd hooks with white garden chairs 2 Splash of color Segner Ranch spring ceremony Summer&MIchael at Garlands Lodge Summer&MIchael Bistro Lights Summer&MIchael Garlands Lodge Summer&MIchael Set for Reception Table set up table setting w dance floor tent, cocktail tables, outdoors Vintage Grape Lamour Waters Garden Center room set up 2 Waters Garden Center Room Set up Waters Garden Center